Adhesive Tape Cutting Machine

Adhesive tape Cutting machine from Single shaft to 10 shafts,

Fits for all kind of adhesive tapes, such as Masking tape, PVC tape,Foam tape,Double sided tape and son on.

Adhesive Tape Rewinding Machine

For rewinding BOPP / EVA / 3M / Mylar / masking / foam / double sticky / Kraft paper /aluminum foil,duct tape etc. FunctionMaking small rolls from big jumbo rolls.

Bopp Bulk Packing Machine

KDA500A packaging machine is a kind of packaging equipment for various types ofadhesive tape. It adopts the packaging process of assembly line discharging, automaticseparation, automatic feeding, automatic sealing and film cutting, and automatic heatshrinkable molding.

The equipment is easy to operate, stable, energy-saving and efficient.

The packaging product is beautiful. In the case of customers' higher requirements forpackaging, it can save a lot of labor costs for the production of tape, And the improvementof packaging quality makes the market competition more advantageous.

Bopp tape Single Roll Packing Machine


1. Man-machine interface,programmable control of micro-computer.

2. Automatic fault alarm,one key intelligent operation

3. High-precision mechanical hand paper-sucking label

4. Constant temperature adjustable temperature control system

5. Low energy consumption and high efficiency

6. Could replacement is convenient and fast

7. Turntable structure ,compact and portable

8. Servo motor,high precision transmission

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Adhesive tape packing machine
Adhesive Tape Bulk Packing Machine
Adhesive Tape Packing Machine
Auto Paper Tube Cutting Machine
Automatic Paper Tube Cutting Machine


1.There is no need to change the tool for different specifications just input the parameters.

2.The material head and material tail are automatically excluded.

3.Automatic shutdown after failure alarm.

4.Wireless remote APP monitoring and system upgrade.

5.The thickness of the paper tube is adjustable.

6.Small footprint and low power consumption.

7.Simple operation and convenient maintenance.